5 Best Snorkelling Spots In Melbourne

Snorkelling is an exciting, fun-filled, and adrenaline-pumping exercise. At first thought, Melbourne might appear quite far off on the list of snorkelling spots in Australia. However, Melbourne offers so much for snorkelling lovers that would leave them craving for more. 

Melbourne has an abundance of diverse marine life that would keep even the most avid snorkeler spellbound. Underneath the crystal clear waters of Melbourne are dazzling sea creatures ranging from the amazing sea dragons, colourful nudibranchs, string rays,  beautiful fishes, spiny sea urchins, and so much more. 

Melbourne snorkel

Melbourne's snorkelling spots are underlined with their rocky shores, sea grass beds, seaweeds, and sea stars, creating a magnificent view for snorkelling enthusiasts. So put on your snorkels, flippers, and explore some of the most exciting spots for snorkelling in Melbourne, Australia. 

  1. Kitty Miller Bay, Philip Island 

Take a peek into the wonderful underwater of Kitty Miller Bay. The bay lies on the south coast of Philip Island, east of Watt Point, and Kennan Head. Famous for its proximity to the Philip Island Penguin Parade, Kitty Miller Bay is perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. 

The bay's 500 meters shoreline shelter of large rock platforms is one of the most protected beaches on Philips Island. The marine life of Kitty Miller Bay is a snorkeler's delight anytime. The vast array of beautiful fishes such as Zebrafish, starfish, rays, and Port Jackson sharks. The western side of the bay is quite shallow than the eastern corner. 

You might choose to enter the tide when it is lowest as the water is much protected at these times. Kitty Miller Bay is surrounded by some of the most exciting beaches that offer an unforgettable snorkelling experience. 

  1. Half Moon Bay, Black Rock 

Half Moon Bay can be described as a pure jewel with its amazing, stunning views and exceptional rock formations and cliffs. Located on Port Philip Bay's eastern corner, Half Moon Bay has some of the most loved beaches in Melbourne. 

Exploring the bay's underwater world is more than an adventure as the sight is nothing but spectacular. Get ready to be stunned by the diverse underwater creatures such as sea urchins, blue-ringed octopus, nudibranchs, anemones, and so much more.

 Discover nature at its best with the jaw-dropping underwater landscape of Half Moon Bay. From extraordinary sea grass beds to rocky reefs, snorkelling on these waters doesn't come any better. 

  1. Bunurong  Marine National Park 

 All the beaches along the Bunurong  Marine National Park are great spots for snorkelling with its rich, colourful sea life and breath-taking landscape. You can find a variety of exciting features that suits the very best of snorkelling adventure. The bay's riveting habitat includes reefs, ledges, gullies, and caves.  It would be best if you looked out for an abundance of marine life such as marine snails, lobsters, blue-throated wrasse, and Port Jackson sharks. Some of the prominent  Snorkelling spots at Bunurong Marine National Park are Eagle's Nest, Flat rock, and Shark Bay. Remember that the conditions at the bay could be choppy, so you might want to go snorkelling only when the waters are calm and flat. 

  1. Blairgowrie Pier Mornington Peninsula 

Explore the vast and glorious underwater scenery of Blairgowrie Pier. It is located in the southeastern area of Port Philip Bay. The 280 meters long peninsula is a haven for snorkelers with its moderately shallow waters.

 At the shallow shore are weedy sea dragons, while a dive further would reveal colourful sponges, nudibranchs, seahorses, crustaceans, and an abundance of tiny fishes. Rye Pier and Port sea Pier are the favourite spots for snorkelers in  Mornington Peninsula due to their calm waters. Mornington Peninsula is just a 90-minute drive from Melbourne and offers snorkelers an extraordinary time at the peninsula. 

  1. St Leonard’s Pier Bellarine Peninsula

St Leonard’s Pier is well-known as a great spot for snorkelers. Situated at the southwest of Melbourne, St Leonard’s Pier extends into Port Philip Bay at the Bellarine Peninsula end. Be prepared to be welcomed by a magnificent sight as you explore the underwater of St Leonard’s Pier. 

The peninsular marine life is a diverse range of fascinating sea creatures such as octopus, rays, stargazers, sea horses, pufferfish, and so much more. The Condition at St Leonard's Pier allows for thrilling moments of snorkelling at its very best.  



Author Bio:

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