About Reef Mask

Reef Masks are Australia's Newest and Most Trusted supplier of full face snorkels and supplies.

We've been involved in the snorkel industry for more than 10 years so we know what works and what doesn't.

When full face masks were first designed the overall design had flaws.

They fogged up, they weren't comfortable and they got really hot.

We've innovated all of these flaws our of our masks and now you can enjoy snorkeling for hours without a worry.

We're an Australian Company and we ship FAST!

Don't waste your time buying inferior products or waiting for shipping from overseas for products that don't have warranty.

Reef Masks are the BEST full face snorkel on the market.


John - Manager at Reef Mask 

Passionate about the ocean & its beauty, John has been a passionate Snorkeler for over 10 years. Educating people on snorkelling techniques and equipment.

Reef Mask Full Face Snorkel