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Why do I need a properly fitting snorkel mask?

How do you measure your head for a full face mask?

Breathing with a full face snorkel mask

How does water stop from entering?

Full face snorkel mask's from Reef mask are designed to stop water from getting in even in choppy, wavy waters or when you lean head forward to observe the ocean floor. All Reef Mask's have a floating device that rises when you enter the water and fills up the tube! Please note always to blow out once you come back up from the water to ensure the float moves back up.

Why can't you deep dive with a full face mask?

Reefmasks designed to handle 1 meter of deep pressure from the ocean, and this is due to the volume of air in the full face mask being greater than traditional snorkels. If you go one further, then one meter the pressure on the face mask will become intense and painfully. Another factor to consider is equalizing when you dive, and this cant be done in a full face snorkel as your unable to pinch your nose!

Can I use a full face snorkel if I have a beard?

Beards are not recommended as they can cause damage to the liner of the face mask, this leads to leakage when snorkelling. We advise men trim their beards back if not shave them off completely, for more information visit our article on snorkelling with a beard.

Curved vs flat lens snorkel

On the market you will find two different main designs of full-face snorkels, the first is a curved lens and the second is a flat lens. The curved lens full face snorkel has a curved front that coves along the front of the snorkel mask. The flat lens design has a flat front that slightly curves to fit your face.

Curved lens

Curved lens full face snorkels have a curved arc shape which creates some distortion in your viewing area. This distortion can spread across the mask and create blurry sections. Similar to swimming underwater with your eyes open, and everything is blurry! There have been reports of some people suffering from nausea and dizziness when using a curved lens face mask, and this is due to distorted vision causing sickness and vertigo.

Flat lens

Flat lens full face snorkels have no curve; thus, when you look through the mask, you have zero distortion to your vision. This provides a high-quality view, perfect when snorkelling the ocean! There is some slight distortion around the edges of the lens; this is very minimal and won't take over the majority of the mask's lens. All Reefmask full-face snorkels are the flat lens, and this is due to the risk discussed above associated with curved lens snorkels.

Wherever you a buy a full face snorkel ensure to purchase a flat lens.

Taking Care of Your Full Face Snorkel

Suppose you have purchased your Reef Mask your in for a real treat! The 180-degree view will allow you to explore the ocean to the fullest. It's essential for longevity to keep your entire face snorkel in good condition, this means taking proper care of it.

Fortunately, Reef Masks don't need a lot of care and maintenance to stay in top condition, a little bit of love now and then will ensure your full face snorkel lasts for years. Below are some of the leading maintenance tips for all types of snorkel lovers.

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Maintain Your Snorkel Mask

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