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About Reef Masks

Reef Masks are Australia's Newest and Most Trusted supplier of full face snorkel mask Australia and supplies.

We've been involved in the snorkel industry for more than 15 years so we know what works and what doesn't. When full face masks were first designed the overall design had flaws.

They fogged up, they weren't comfortable and they got really hot.

We've innovated all of these flaws our of our masks and now you can enjoy snorkeling for hours without a worry.

1. Regular breathing. While using a Reef full face cover you can breathe in and breathe out through either the mouth or the nose.  Normal breathing will help to keep you more quiet and increasingly loose in the water. Likwise there is little to no expectation to absorb information or getting happy with breathing through the face snorkel, which is incredible for amateurs.

2. Water barrier. The face mask covers the seal around the whole face, which diminishes the opportunity of water getting into the veil when you grin. A mustache is additionally not an issue on the off chance that you pick a full-face swimming veil. At long last, the back tie holds the veil set up on your head, permitting you to move unreservedly and take on waves without losing the cover.

3. Worked in dry top snorkel system. Although there are numerous ordinary snorkels offering a comparable element, great full-face swimming covers take it to an unheard of level. Notwithstanding a standard ball drift framework that prevents the water from entering the cylinder when submerged, full-face veils are planned so that regardless of whether a limited quantity of water gets into the snorkel, it will be diverted away from the face and into the jawline territory of the cover. An uncommon valve situated on the base of the jaw permits to deplete the water out.

4. Against mist breathing circulation. High-quality full-face veils don't get fogged up like standard mask's do. Reef Mask full face snorkels have a vent double that allows air to circulate, stoping fogging.

5. No jaw fatigue. Since most of full-face covers don't have mouthpieces that you have to place your mouth onto, swimming alot expanded timeframes turns out to be increasingly. Particularly valid on the off chance that you have issues with sore mouths and or jaws from clutching tightly ontho the snorkel piece.

6. Better visibility. Most full-face veil models offer a bended focal point that reaches out at the back of your eye sockets  and gives a reasonable gives 180-degree see vision. The casing seals that are  behind your main vision line, this implies that it won't modify

In the event that you love a restful snorkel, at that point you ought to completely get a Reef Mask full face swimming mask Australia! Recent advancements in full face veils are a major improvement over ordinary snorkel covers. The new plans make swimming a surprising and extraordinary experience. These veils are agreeable and simple to utilize.

There is no jaw weariness, no irritated teeth and no choking on a snorkel mouthpiece. There are the absolute best reasons in that spot for doing the switch!

After the underlying change of the versatile lashes, you'll rapidly acknowledge how a lot of fun these are. There is no compelling reason to stop to exhaust out water, defog, or re-modify the ties.

Mustaches are okay with full face snorkels, which is the direct inverse of ordinary covers. A customary veil will spill if the wearer has a mustache.

How protected is full face swim cover For Kids?

Right off the bat, how safe is swimming, what ever the hardware being utilized? The primary concern about snorkel wellbeing is tied in with knowing your restrictions. I would consistently prescribe to in any event have the option to swim before you take a stab at swimming.

You need to have the option to get yourself out of difficulty if the ocean state transforms, you get into a momentum or you happened to wander into a region where the swell could push you against rocks. Which is additionally about understanding the region you mean to swim, regardless of whether there are tides or flows and how profound the water is.

At whatever point you are beginning another game, you have to comprehend the security side of things first. This is particularly valid in case you're acquainting your youngsters with the game. It would be ideal if you note that the children full face snorkel mask Australia is not intended for strenuous swimming.

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