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About Reef Masks

Reef Masks are Australia's Newest and Most Trusted supplier of full face snorkel mask Australia and supplies.

We've been involved in the snorkel industry for more than 15 years so we know what works and what doesn't. When full face masks were first designed the overall design had flaws.

They fogged up, they weren't comfortable and they got really hot.

We've innovated all of these flaws and our masks are now designed so you can enjoy snorkeling for hours without a worry.

Regular Breathing. This full face snorkel made it easier for you to breathe in and out while snorkeling. The mask is designed to keep you breathe normally through your mouth or nose, keeping your comfortable and at ease as you snorkel underwater. This feature made it ideal even for amateur snorkelers or those who do not have prior snorkeling experience.

Water barrier. The full face snorkel mask completely covers your face and has a watertight seal that prevents water from coming in the mask. This feature will keep you safe and secure as you go snorkeling. Those who have a mustache will also not have an issue wearing the full face snorkel as it can fit perfectly on the face despite your facial hair. All you have to do is make sure that the back tie is securely in place. With this water barrier design, you can move freely as you snorkel without worrying about the water flooding your mask.

Worked in a dry top snorkel system. The kids full face snorkel is designed with a specialized valve on top of the tube that seals out water and air. This design keeps the inside of the face snorkel tube dry as you submerge your head on the water. The dry top snorkel system can also prevent water from entering the valve and has a splash guard system that allows you to flush out the water just if it comes in the mask due to big water splashes or waves.

Anti-fog breathing circulation. This face snorkel features high-quality, full-face barriers that do not fog up like any other standard snorkeling masks. It is also designed with a vented double, which allows the air to circulate freely in and out of the mask, preventing it from fogging.

 No jaw fatigue. Unlike a regular snorkel mask, this full face snorkel does not have a mouthpiece that you have to use to breathe. This innovative design will not require you to bite onto anything anymore for breathing. It will allow you to relax as you snorkel and let you go snorkeling for an extended time. This design is also particularly helpful for those who have a hard time clenching onto the mouthpiece and will prevent the chances of suffering from sore jaw or mouth.

Better visibility. Most face snorkel has a curved lens that continues behind your eyes. This feature will give you a 180 degree of uninterrupted view underwater. This full face snorkel will also not hinder your view and will provide better visibility of the beautiful underwater.

For those who love snorkeling, this full face snorkel mask will give you a great time. The full-face design is a major innovation that will push your snorkeling game to the next level. It will help you breathe normally through your nose or mouth without the hassle of clenching onto a mouthpiece just to breathe. This design is perfect for amateur snorkelers or those who ar just starting to explore this experience. Plus, this design will also avoid jaw fatigue and mouth sore and will let you just enjoy the whole experience.

You will also love how the full face snorkel mask gives you a better view underwater. With its curved lens design that continues behind your eyes, you can get to see 180 degrees of unhindered view of the beautiful underwater world.

Also, compared to regular snorkeling mask, this face snorkel do not fog up easily. It is designed with a vent that allows the air to circulate freely in and out of the mask. You will surely enjoy using this full face snorkel as you get to see underwater comfortably and without a hassle.

Safety Concerns

It is important to note how some manufacturers specify that their masks are meant for casual snorkeling only and not for exercise or extreme sports. Manufacturers warned their customers that there’s a chance that you cannot breathe enough oxygen if you use the full face mask for activities that leaves your breathing intensely. Thus, it was emphasized to use the full face snorkel appropriately.

Anti Fog

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