Full Face Snorkel Reviews

Tossing up whether to get a Full face snorkel mask from Reef Masks? Check out just some of the hundreds of full face snorkel reviews and testimonials left behind by happy customers!


Sophie - "It is exactly as shown on the site. The silicone is soft and sturdy and seals well, the valves work well and there is hardly any vapour on the mask. The air pipe connects well and the order came in under 7 days!"
Elton - "Very satisfied with the full face mask. Will have to wait until Summer to use it, but for now, it seems well made."
Rachel - "My mask came very quickly, just under 7 days! the quality is excellent, thank you Reef Mask"
Kim - "The mask is excellent, it fits very tightly, does not fog. I definitely recommend full face snorkels, it's super."
Jane - "From Perth went about 10 days. excellent mask, my daughter is very happy. Took the maximum size for a
child of 12 years, sits perfectly."
Sandra - "Looks good, quality materials. Kids tried it in the pool and were really happy! For a child under 10 years, it is better to take a small size"
full face snorkel review
Sofia - "I took a mask on the sea, it is perfect!!! water does not miss, everything is visible, it is comfortable to breathe. I still want a child smaller size! thanks for the quality!"
Troy - "The mask was tried in the  Sea for 2 weeks of daily swimming. Great mask! Nowhere does it leak, the only thing I had to tighten the rubber bands so that the mask was denser on my face. They were stretched all the time. If desired, you can simply adjust them in the right position."
Charlotte - "Husband and son are delighted to try out how to work in the bath because of the virus is not yet known whether we can go on vacation in June"

Tegan - "Looks very cool, the daughter is happy, came quickly parcel! I recommend Reef Mask!!!"


Andrew - "The mask was bought for a child of 8 years. It seems to fit. But the wife's mask is perfect. Have to wait and see how it goes in the summer! It looks good.
Darren - "ReefMask is Super! You can see the photo! All quality does not smell, went perfectly on a large man's face! Thank you!
Lee - "an excellent review slightly increases but this is more likely a plus, the mask almost does not fog (the best of what was tested). The elastic band that presses to the face is very soft does not let water even with unshaven)) did not understand why the valve at the bottom of the mask should be for exhalation, but does not work the air still comes out through the tube, when diving up to 3 meters little flows away... the Phu apparently valve in the tube, but not critical water does not interfere, Further dive unrealistically the nose is closed to blow it will not work. The elastic fabric absorbs water and dries for a long time. In general, I was very pleased with the recommend!"

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John - Manager at Reef Mask 

Passionate about the ocean & its beauty, John has been a passionate Snorkeler for over 10 years. Educating people on snorkelling techniques and equipment.