Taking Care Of a Full Face Snorkel?

So you have just purchased your new full face snorkel mask, your in for some amazing snorkel adventures! Reef Masks special 180-degree design gives you the best view of the underwater world, getting the most out of your snorkelling adventures. To ensure your full face mask the last long-term you need to keep good care of it. In this article, we will explore the best ways to do this.

Luckily taking care of a full face snorkel isn't that hard, you just need to give it a little love and it will reward you with years of amazing experiences. All our Reef Mask is designed to last multiple years and with the tips from the following article, you will be able to guarantee this.

taking care of a full face snorkel

Maintain Your Full Face Snorkel Mask

Our full face snorkel masks are designed to handle the underwater pressure as well as rough handling and sand. This makes it easy for even the laziest people out there.

The easy way

This requires some honestly, if your not the type who will spend a lot of energy and time taking care of your full face mask then these following tips are for you. First once finished with the mask, glance over it, make sure there is no sand covering it. Next, give it a wash under cold fresh water for about 2 minutes and then wipe it down with a towel. You have no clean your mask and it's ready to be placed back in its bag somewhere safe, how easy was that!

The pro way

If your someone who is able and willing to spend more effort and time to ensure your face mask is in top condition then these next steps are perfect for you. These do require some work but it's well worth it. The first step is to inspect for sand once finished with your mask. Next, take a small amount of soap and place it on a clean warm cloth. From here you want to use some elbow grease and scrub every gap and crevasse on the full face mask. Once done leave your mask out to drip dry and finally place it in a bag.

Regular Summer Check-Up 

Checking in on your snorkel mask once every summer month is something we strongly recommend here at Reef Mask. You can do this less or more depending on how frequent you use your full face snorkel. If your someone who is in the water nearly daily then this check-up once a month is recommended.

To get the most years out of your snorkel mask it's best to inspect it for damage, such as scratches from grains of sand. This is a common issue and one that can be easily avoided.

  1. check the vents and tube for any blockage from sand or seaweed. You can use a toothbrush or toothpick to clean these areas.
  2. Inspect the padding across the mask to ensure no damage has occurred, this can cause water leakage when in use.
  3. Make sure there are no marks, scratches or dings on the lens of the mask, this can negatively affect vision when underwater.
  4. If you use any other accessories when snorkelling also ensure they are not damaged, this includes fins and wetsuit.

If you're about to go away on kids summer holidays a full face snorkel is a great way to get the most out of the ocean. Following the above steps will ensure your face mask works and provides great joy for many years.



Author Bio:

John - Manager at Reef Mask 

Passionate about the ocean & its beauty, John has been a passionate Snorkeler for over 10 years. Educating people on snorkelling techniques and equipment.