Can Kids Wear a Full Face Snorkel?

The Reef Mask full face snorkel has taken Australia by storm since it first appeared on the Australian market! The revolutionary design and easy breathing system made it an instant hit with adults, soon we were bombarded with questions about the safety of full-face snorkels for kids.

Let's answer the question, can kids wear a full face snorkel? The short answer is yes, a kid 15 years old or up can wear a full face snorkel mask. In fact, they are no less safe than a traditional snorkel!

can kids use a full face snorkel

Are full-face snorkels for kids?

The Reef Mask full face snorkel design is suited for any child above the age of 15, but there are a few things you need to ensure. The tightness and correct fit are super important for anyone when it comes to using a full face snorkel. Besides this a full face mask is a great option for a number of reasons, let's look at some:

#1. Top-quality materials.

There are a lot of cheap snorkels out there, especially on Amazon and eBay. These are often made of cheap plastic that in some case contains toxic material! Our mask is made from top quality materials to ensure optimum safety for young adults and kids.

#2. Hard to use? - child play! 

Some people take one look at a full face mask and think it will be complex to use, this is far from the case. Reef Masks are easier to use than normal snorkels, with natural breathing through the mouth and nose possible. This feature makes the full face snorkel a better option for kids.

#3. Futuristic design

Our Reef Masks are stylish in design, catching the eyes of kids all across Australian beaches. The alien/space helmet look makes the full face snorkel a fun present or gift for kids.


How do full face snorkels protect your kids from water coming in?

How do full face mask's work? A full-face snorkel has a dry top design system in the tube of the snorkel. The dry top design stops water from flowing down the tube and into the face! This is achieved through a floating ball system, this is triggered as soon as your head full submerges underwater, clogging up the tube and stopping water from entering. Allowing kids to enjoy snorkelling in complete safety.

If a small amount of water does manage to seep into the mask, then a drainage valve located at the bottom of the mask chin area will ensure it drained out. You do need to raise your head above water, but this simple action is easily achievable by children over the ages of 15. Traditional snorkel mask and their tubes have no such feature and often require the wearer to blow any water out. This is a much more difficult and dangerous action for children.


What to look for when buying a full face mask for kids

Ensure you purchase the right size.

Many parents and guardians purchase large snorkel mask for kids, believing that they will fit them as they grow older and bigger. As discussed previously, snorkel masks that don't fit properly will leak, making the experience unpleasant and uncomfortable. Ensure to use our size chart to ensure your child gets the correct full face snorkel size.



Author Bio:

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Passionate about the ocean & its beauty, John has been a passionate Snorkeler for over 10 years. Educating people on snorkelling techniques and equipment.