How Does A Full Face Snorkel Mask Work?

As you look for the perfect snorkel mask, you will come across information that contradicts one another. Some would safely stick to traditional ones while others suggest that a full face snorkel mask is the new way to enjoy snorkelling.

To help you decide if a full face snorkel mask is for you, you need to do some research about how does a full face snorkel mask work and how it differs from a traditional mask.

Full face mask is gaining its fame because of its design and how convenient it is to use.

How does a full face snorkel mask work?

The key to safe snorkelling is making sure that you are breathing fresh air. Reef Mask Full Face Snorkel Mask ensures that the fresh air that you are inhaling is separate from the carbon dioxide that you are exhaling.

In most cases, the tube attached to the full face snorkel mask is separated into three different sections. The middle section is where all the fresh air for inhaling goes into the mask. So when you breathe in, fresh air floods down into this part of the tube and the mouth and nose pocket. Meanwhile, when you exhale, the exhaled air is directed through separate valves. These different valves go into the remaining sections of the tube to help balance the mask and ensure that fresh air remains in the compartment that you breathe.

A full-face mask is designed to completely cover your face, starting from your chin up to your forehead. Because of this design, you do not need to bite down a tube anymore to breathe. Also, the tube is placed on top of the mask than on the mouth eliminating jaw fatigue.

In order to prevent water from coming inside the mask, the dry tube has a ball on top that acts as a valve. This valve creates pressure from the water and forces the ball to shut the tube to block water from coming in.

General Steps On How To Wear Full Face Snorkel Mask

Step 1: Unfold tube located on top of the mask and button it;

Step 2: Pull back your hair and ensure that there is no hair on your face;

Step 3: Hold up the straps and put the mask on;

Step 4: Secure the mask and adjust the straps depending on your comfort level.

Once you have worn the full face snorkel mask, try breathing normally to see if it is working fine. The viewing chamber supports 180 degree view underwater compared to traditional snorkel masks. Reef Mask Full Face Snorkel Mask Australia is also equipped with an anti-fog coating to give you 100% fog-free performance. With this full face snorkel mask, the scenery you'll see underwater will be more vivid than ever before.


Full face snorkel masks give you a better chance to explore and see the things underwater. The greatest feature of the full face snorkel mask is how it allows you to breathe comfortably through your mouth and nose. This fantastic advantage made it perfect for beginners and those who are not used to breathing through their mouths.

With all these features and advantages, a full face snorkel mask made snorkeling more enjoyable and more relaxed.



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