Full Face Snorkel Brisbane

Reef Mask is the number one provider of Brisbane full face snorkel mask's, since 2017 Reef Mask has aimed to provide the sunny state of Queensland with top quality snorkel gear. Our attention to detail, high standard and low prices has made Reef Mask a trusted source for the Brisbane community when it comes to full-face snorkel gear. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, with a warm climate and an active, outdoors community. Brisbane is only a short drive to multiple beaches which has increased the demand for full face snorkel gear in the city. All our full face mask are designed to be comfortable, safe and wearable for all ages & gender.


With a large variety of different Brisbane full-face snorkels, Reef Mask is number one in the state of Queensland.

Our Full Face Snorkel Mask Range

Full Face Snorkel 

Our Reef Mask 2021 full face snorkel is the most known design, guaranteed to improve your snorkelling experience tenfold.

Designed for comfort and performance, this full face snorkel has a silicon base to ensure you always feel comfortable and that no water leakage can occur. Our lens contains anti-fog technology so you don't have to constantly wipe the lens in order to get a clear view. The lens also contains a full 180-degree view! Meaning you get a more enhanced view of the underwater world when snorkelling. One of the most appealing features of this mask is there is no need to bite down on a breathing tube. This full-face snorkel completes covers the face, allowing the wearer to be able to breathe in a natural pattern as if they were on land! With this technology people who were once fearful of snorkelling can now enjoy the water.

Check out our one tube snorkel full face mask!

Double Full Face Snorkel

2021 Reef Mask introduced the double full-face snorkel, a new design that contains two tubes for airflow. The double tube design allows extra, fresh oxygen to enter the mask, whilst carbon is quickly removed! This function makes the double full-face snorkel extremely safe and perfect for those who love to spend hours out in the water! Built with silicon baselining the double snorkel is extremely comfortable to wear, also ensuring no water leaks into the mask. Suitable for both young and old this Brisbane full face snorkel is a good choice for those first-time snorkelers, coming in 3 main colours, black, pink, blue.
Why purchase a double full face snorkel? Some of the reasons are:
  • Full 180 Degree Lens
  • Anti Technology To Stop Fogging
  • Double Valves


Do you have a question about Brisbane full face snorkelling? Maybe you want to know some great snorkel spots around the state? Whatever the question we are happy to help! Shoot us an email at reefmaskcontact@gmail.com and one of our staff will reply shortly.



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