Full Face Snorkel Gold Coast

Reef Mask has been providing Gold Coast full face snorkel masks since 2017. Gold Coast is a beach city, with amazing weather, the ocean at your doorstep and an active, outdoors lifestyle! Reef Mask identified this and quickly moved to deliver high quality, affordable, snorkel mask stocked locally on the Gold Coast. Our snorkel gear has gained the trust of the snorkelling community of Gold Coast, with hundreds of reviews on our product pages. With multiple beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, the gold coast is an ideal location for snorkelling and swimming, a full face snorkel only enhancers this experience!

With a huge range of gold coast full-face snorkels, Reef Mask is the number one supplier in Gold Coast.


Our Full Face Snorkel Mask Range

Full Face Snorkel 

The full face snorkel mask is guaranteed to enhance your snorkel experience with its multiple features and innovative designs.

Built for efficiency and comfort, the full face snorkel mask by Reef Mask is built with silicon lining, ensuring you always feel comfortable when wearing the mask. This feature also stops any water from leaking into the mask, keeping you safe underwater for hours. The lens on this mask also comes with anti-fog technology that stops fogging from occurring. This happens with normal snorkels and can be very annoying, with this new design it's not an issue. The lens also gives the user a full 180-degree view! Making the snorkelling experience that much more enjoyable. With a full face mask, you don't need a mouth tube to breathe, instead, you just breathe as if you are on land! This feature has allowed people with anxiety to snorkel for the first time.

Check out our one tube snorkel full face mask!

Double Full Face Snorkel

The new 2021 double tube full face snorkel is a design that maximises oxygen intake and carbon outtake. This new Reef Mask is the latest in snorkel technology, allowing people to spend hours under the ocean, enjoying the sights. Built with silicon baselining, the mask is extremely comfortable and stops water leakage from returning. Available for both adults and children, the double full-face snorkel comes in three main colours, blue, pink black.
Why get a double full face snorkel?
  • Full 180-degree vision when exploring the ocean
  • Anti-fog technology that leaves you with a clear view 100% of the time
  • Double valves for maximum oxygen intake


Do you have a query about our Gold Coast full-face snorkels? Maybe you are curious about some fantastic snorkelling spots around the city? No matter the question or concern the Reef Mask team is here to help! Get in touch by emailing reefmaskcontact@gmail.com and we will respond within 48 hours.



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