Full Face Snorkel Melbourne

Reef Mask has delivered top-quality full-face snorkels, wetsuits and other beaches/water-based products to the people of Melbourne since 2017! Our attention to detail, fair prices and quality has allowed Reef Mask to become the market leader of Melbourne full face snorkels. Melbourne is one of the biggest cities in Australia, with many thinking its often cold weather and lack of close beaches means there are no snorkelling opportunities. Luckily just 40 mins drive to Geelong you can find a large number of beaches, with the Melbourn ports also providing great snorkelling spots. Reef Mask snorkels come in multiple sizes, available for all ages and gender.

With multiple different options of Melbourne full-face snorkels, Reef Mask is number one in Victoria.


Our Full Face Snorkel Range

Full Face Snorkel 

All new 2021 full face snorkel mask from Reef Mask will ensure your underwater experience is a pleasurable one!

With anti fog technology, this full face snorkel ensures your lens is always clear of fog build up, giving you a clear view. It doesn't end there, Reef Mask lens are 180 degrees, meaning you get an enhanced view of the underwater world! The 2021 design has no nozzle in which you need to bite down on to breathe, this allows for a more natural breathing pattern. Many people suffer from anxiety when snorkelling, the unnatural breathing and enclosed lens can lead to panic. With the new full-face snorkel, you can breathe as if your above the water. Making the experience enjoyable and easy for any age or gender.

Check out our one tube snorkel full face mask!

Double Full Face Snorkel

Reef Mask has designed a new Melbourne full face snorkel that contains two airflow tubes. This double tube mask allows maximum oxygen to enter the mask, whilst also discarding dangers carbon dioxide, meaning you can snorkel underwater for longer. With a silicon baselining in the mask, this new design is super comfortable and suitable for both men, women, adults and children. Reef Mask currently sells this new Melbourne full face snorkel in 3 colours: Blue, Black, Pink.
Why choose a double full face snorkel? Some of the benefits are:
  • 180 Degree View Lens
  • Anti Leak & Anti Fog Technology
  • Double Breathing Valve


Do you have a concern or question for our team? Maybe you're looking for some of the best local snorkel spots in Melbourne? Whatever the query, our team are here to support and help! Email us at reefmaskcontact@gmail.com.



We deliver throughout Melbourne and country Victoria.

Flemington, Kensington, Travancore, Carlton, Carlton North, Hawksburn, Armadale North, Prahran, South Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park, Garden City Richmond, Richmond East, Richmond North, Richmond South, Hawthorn North, Hawthorn West, Parkville, West Melbourne, Melbourne, World Trade Centre, Southbank, Docklands, University Of Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Hospital, North Melbourne, Melbourne University, Melbourne, East Melbourne, Princes Hill, Brunswick South, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Collingwood North, Abbotsford, Clifton Hill, Fitzroy North, Burnley, Burnley North, Cremorne, Hawthorn East, South Yarra.


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