Breathing With a Full Face Snorkel?

Reef Mask full-face snorkels have taken Australians by storm, providing a new more innovative way to snorkel and explore the ocean! Many people see the full face snorkel cool design and are often in awe, quickly comes the next question, what is the difference between a traditional normal snorkel and the new Reef Mask full face snorkel? Well, the big difference is breathing! A traditional snorkel mask only allows you to breathe through your mouth via a tube, the new Reef Mask full face snorkel covers your entire face. Meaning you can breathe normally as if you were on land.

As a full face snorkel covers your entire face, users are completely safe to breathe through their nose and mouth, providing a natural breathing pattern! This design is far more relaxing and comfortable compared to traditional snorkel masks. People who have high levels of anxiety often struggle with rhythmic breathing and avoid snorkelling all togethe, children snorkeling can also struggle with this! With a full face snorkel, these same people can calmly explore the beauty of the underwater world for hours on end. Another major difference between traditional and new full-face snorkels is the lack of tube pieces. Reef Mask full-face snorkels have an inbuilt air tube at the top of the mask, while traditional snorkels require the user to clamp or bite down on a rubber tube in order to breathe. This smart design eliminates jaw fatigue and allows people to actually smile for any underwater photos, truly a world first! A bonus feature is the full face snorkel mask tube can lockdown, making it super easy for storage.

Can You Choke on Sea Water With a Full Face Snorkel?

Reef Mask Full Face Snorkel is designed to clog and black ocean water from entering down the tube and into the mask. This is achieved through two ways: an anti-leak seal that is found around the lens of the mask, stopping water from seeping in like old traditional snorkel masks. The second feature is a water lock built into the tube, which stops any water from entering if the breathing tube begins to submerge into the water. This simple but effective mechanism has eradicated the need to blow the water out of the breathing tube when you submerge underwater and come back up, a feature that is not found with the traditional snorkel mask.

Another amazing feature of the full face snorkel that isn't shared with the traditional mask is the 180-degree view. A full-face mask has a wider viewing lens that gives the user a full 180 degrees of vision, whilst traditional snorkel masks have less than half of this view range.

This makes old snorkels more dangerous as the user can see less of what is in front and around him, making the chance of missing out on some elusive sea creatures even higher. This can be extremely frustrating if you're an underwater photographer and only have a few seconds to get that amazing shot! So what are you waiting for? Get your full face snorkel now, use the code WATER10 for 10% off.



Author Bio:

John - Manager at Reef Mask 

Passionate about the ocean & its beauty, John has been a passionate Snorkeler for over 10 years. Educating people on snorkelling techniques and equipment.