Can Water Get Into a Full Face Snorkel?

Even in the most choppy and rough waters, a Reef Mask full face snorkel is designed to prevent water from entering into your mask! Even as you dive under the water or lean your head forward, the world first floating device will rise upwards and stop any water from entering the full face mask. This amazing but simple design has changed the way people across Australia snorkel, with no more concerns of water entering the breathing tube. All full face snorkel masks also come with silicon proof lining across the lens of the mask, this ensures no water leaks and keeps the full face mask fitting correctly.

Breathing Underwater with a Full Face Snorkel Mask

Full face snorkels are designed to cover the entire head, enabling snorkelers to breathe through both their nose and mouth. This recreates natural breathing patterns that you find on land! All full face snorkels have this feature, allowing users to breathe comfortably whilst snorkelling under the ocean or swimming laps in the pool. Despite this awesome feature we here at Reef Mask do NOT recommend wearing a full face snorkel in deep waters or whilst performing high cardio swimming.

How do Full Face Snorkels Work Underwater?

A Reef Mask full face snorkel is designed in a completely different way to the normal snorkel mask. The first thing you will notice is the full face/head covering design. Many people stating it looks like an alien space helmet, kids love it! This design covers the face completely, doesn't matter if it's a flat or curved lens, the mask covers from the chin to the top of the head, only leaving your hair exposed. This revolutionary look means there is no need for a breathing tube that you need to bite down, removing jaw soreness and fatigue whilst snorkelling.

You will find the breathing tube at the top of the full face snorkel, built into the lining to ensure it stays upright and stable while in use. This breathing tube has a ball mechanical feature that stops water from entering into the tube. This is activated when the tube begins to submerge underwater, the pressure from the water forces the balls upward, blocking the tube and stopping any seawater from entering. Once the tube is no longer submerged underwater the ball will fall down due to lack of pressure and new air will enter.

Full face snorkels also have multiple chambers built into the mask, this makes it much more simple to separate the inhaled and exhaled air into separate chambers. This feature is what makes breathing from both mouth and nose so comfortable and seamless.

If you're after a full face snorkel maks check out Reef Mask, we provide the best education on full-face snorkel sizes, designs and storage solutions for all your snorkel gear.



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