5 Best Snorkelling Spots in Sydney

Looking to enjoy great snorkelling with great exhilarating thrills, then watch out for these exciting snorkelling spots in Sydney. You do not have to leave town to enjoy the very best of beautiful underwater scenery perfect for snorkelling activities.

Many snorkelling lovers have consistently made Sydney their go-to location because of its amazing snorkelling sites that rank among the best in the whole of Australia. Sydney is famous for its wealth of underwater sea creatures ranging from green turtles, weedy sea dragons, cuttlefish, sea horses, rays, and sharks. So let's look at five of the best snorkelling spots in Sydney.

Snorkel Sydney


  1. Clovelly Beach

Among our picks for one of the best spots for snorkelling is Clovelly Beach. It is one of Sydney's smallest beaches with only about 60metres of sand. Known for its clean sands and calm waters, Clovelly Beach is a perfect spot for snorkelling enthusiasts who want to bury their heads in the water and have a swell time.

Clovelly Beach is widely known for being very popular with families with kids because of its low tidal wave. There are easy stairs off the concrete if you choose not to use the sand entrance to launch your snorkelling activity.

 You can enjoy the exhilaration of snorkelling with an amazing sight of marine life that further enriches your snorkelling experience. The calm waters enhance easy visibility, giving you a clear view of the colourful scenery underneath.


  1. Little Bay Beach

Sydney has some amazing spots for snorkelling, and Little Bay is one of them, without a doubt. The beach is well protected from large coastal swells making it an excellent snorkelling spot. Little Bay beach has good protection from the Behemoth pacific with its rocky headlands, making the waters very calm and clear.

The peace of the waters makes Little Bay Beach a haven for snorkelling beginners. Little Bay Beach's underwater is packed with beautiful and delicate creatures ranging from tiny fishes, black urchins, squids, etc., giving a spectacular sight to behold.

 You can make your entry from the rocks on the southern end of the beach. Little Bay beach has a maximum depth of the diving spot at 15m/49.2 ft. The waters are clear at these spots and serve as a great spot for snorkelling.


  1. Gordons Bay

Located within the eastern suburb of Sydney and between Clovelly and Coogee beaches is Gordon's Bay. It comes with an exciting underwater nature trail making it one of the coolest spots for snorkelling in Sydney.

The underwater nature trail consists of concrete-filled drums linked by a chain. A regular snorkeler can complete the trail in about 40 minutes. The beach is designed to allow access to only pedestrians through the coastal walk. The beach is a protected reef, with calm waters making it a popular spot for snorkelers and divers. Gordon's Bay can best be described as a secret oasis hidden between the other large beaches.

A stroll through the coastal walking track reveals an amazing sight of nature at its finest. The Bay is home to great marine dwellers such as urchins and anemones, spotted goatfish, sponges, starfish etc. With the deepest point of 14 meters, Gordons Bay offers snorkelers an exciting and memorable snorkelling experience.


  1. Malabar Beach

Located to the South of Maroubra Beach and the North of La Perouse and Little Bay, Malabar beach is one of Sydney's price jewels. Though Malabar beach is not as popular as other well-known beaches in Sydney, it offers a thrilling getaway experience for those seeking an exciting underwater experience.

The beach has a rock pool located on the southern foreshow just below Randwick Golf club. Malabar beach is home to beautiful underwater creatures ranging from tiny fishes, octopuses, stingrays, etc. At full visibility, Malabar beach is a great spot for snorkelling.


  1. Little Manly Cove

Little Manly Cove is located on the northern side of Sydney Harbour. It has a compact beach on the harbour side just below the level of the road. There is a fenced swimming enclosure that takes up half the beach.

 Its shallow waters make it a spot for gentle and calming snorkelling. It is common to find babies and toddlers enjoying the shallow waters of Little Manly beach. Snorkelers can explore the cove beginning from the outside of the swimming enclosure's western wall. If you find the rock on the eastern side, then you are in for a relaxing snorkelling time out at the Manly cove.



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