Full Face Snorkel's For Christmas

Key takeaways:

  • Full-face snorkels are a great Christmas present in Australia 
  • There are two main types of full-face snorkels. 

With Christmas only a few months away you might want to consider presents. And as summer is heating up there is no better Christmas present than a full-face snorkel! Hitting the beach is a common summer pastime in Australia. Doing so with a full-face snorkel makes the experience even better.

In this article, we will go over the main two full-face snorkels for Christmas presents. Check them out below and consider getting one for your family member or friend.

Full Face Snorkel:

This world-first design has taken snorkelling to the next level. A full-face snorkel comes with a unique lens in which you get a full view. No longer is the need to bite down on your breathing tube, as full-face snorkels allow you to breathe normally.

The traditional full-face snorkel is comfortable and sits nicely across your face and head. You will be throwing out those old snorkels once you try one of these.

Another awesome feature of a traditional full-face snorkel is the anti-fog lens technology. This ensures your mask doesn't fog up in the water. Meaning you can spend hours in the ocean with a clear view.

If you purchase a full-face snorkel for someone on Christmas you will get multiple pieces.

  • The Official Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • Breathing Tube
  • User Manual
  • Breathing Pad
  • 1 Rubber Band

Size Guide:

Our Christmas full-face snorkels come in two sizes.

Sizing Guide

Other features of a full-face snorkel include

  • Full 180-degree vision when snorkelling
  • Innovative design that allows you to breathe as if on land
  • Detachable go pro holder so you can get footage of your snorkelling experience.

Our full-face snorkel comes in a variety of different colours including blue, red, green, black and pink. It's important to note that these are not suitable for children under 15 years old.


Snorkel Mask Double Breathing System:

Designed in 2021, and launched in 2022. This double breathing full face snorkel is the ultimate Christmas presnet. Designed with two valves, this snorkel allows natural breathing patterns, unlike any other mask. Even scuba gear can't compete with this model.
With double the breathing capacity your mask will consistently be filled with oxygen. All while carbon dioxide is funnelled out in a quick manner. Gives you comfortable and natural breathing patterns, which helps you stay calm and focused.
Other benefits of this design are:
Full Face 180 View 
The double valve full-face snorkel comes with a full 180-degree lens. Giving you maximum visibility when snorkelling. This also contains a detachable go pro mount, so you can get footage of everything you see.
Anti Leak & Anti Fog Technology
Sealing across the mask means leakage is not an issue. Unlike traditional snorkels, these masks cover the entire face. This minimizes leaks, all while fitting comfortably over your head.

Snorkel Mask Double Breathing System

If you want to purchase a full-face snorkel for Christmas you should consider Reef Mask. Since 2017 we have supplied Australians with high-quality full-face snorkels. With hundreds of reviews, we guarantee you won't be disappointed when you purchase from Reef Mask's Australia.