Seven Top-notch snorkelling spots in Australia

Choosing your next snorkelling spot for a one-hour adventure in the ocean ashore the coastline of Australia is no longer going to take effort or time. Just a quick read and you will land on seven of the best snorkelling locations in the continent of sandy coastlines and oceanic reefs, Australia. OH YES! Australia has it all.

These seven sites made it to our list not just because of the touristic attractions that will provide the best snorkelling adventures but thanks to their rich underwater environment that includes undisturbed marine fauna and flora which will make it even better.

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Coral Bay, WA

The coral bay region in the coast of Western Australia is well known for the wide spread of manta rays. These underwater creatures are just breath-taking and wandering underseas next to them is an unforgettable experience. The Indian ocean Manta Rays are definitely a sight to behold. Their impressive wingspan reaching up to 8 meters has made them world renown.

It is not only Manta Rays that should catch your attention, several humpback whales and oceanic sharks show up in the winter months and will give you a great shot on your DSLR.


Fitzroy Island

This time in Queensland, Fitzroy island sits 5KM from the coast of Australia. Internationally admired for its white sand beaches, this Island provides several hotels and a high-end resort that offer accommodation options suitable for everyone interested in taking a look at oceanic reefs even for the day or extending their stay with a must-do snorkelling excursion. After all, it is only a 40-minute ferry ride from the port of Cairns and it is absolutely worth the time spent in it whether in the wild or under the seas.


Fairy Bower, Sydney

If you don’t want to get far away from the capital, Fairy Bower may be your best option especially during winter. Scuba diving or snorkelling excursions are always waiting to take you on a euphoric sortie to the ocean and then you can experience snorkelling in the heart of the sea.

You can find wonders underwater when people are not swimming. This is ranging from yellowtail fish to giant dusky whaler sharks. It is a must visit on our list and worth every minute.


Lady Elliot Island

This isolated spot is found in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park which accommodates all different types of marine species thanks to its rich underwater nature. You can find turtles, reef sharks and coloured fish, but most importantly, the giant magical Manta Rays that wander around the island all year round.

The only downturn of this snorkelling spot is the access method, it is only accessible by aircraft and it has to be booked in advance to not ruin your snorkelling trip due to sold out seats.


Lord Howe Island

This small island is also a world heritage site that includes various nature protection parks. A 2-hour flight from Sydney or Brisbane, will take you to a long-awaited snorkelling adventure in the waters of Lord Howe island.

The breath-taking natural treasures both above and under the sea will leave you speechless and will fill your camera with outstanding memories.

It is widely known for butterfly fish and schools of yellowtail whales that will definitely amaze you underwater.


Orpheus Island

The fourth island on our list is Orpheus Island and unlike the previously mentioned islands, it is only 10KM away from Queensland’s north eastern area.

Not only snorkelling is the activity that attracts tourists to this place, but also scenic helicopter charters will be worth a try especially that they are the only mean of access to the island. It has a long coastline of sandy beaches that will make your snorkelling experience easier.

Don’t forget to pre book your room at Orpheus Island Lodge to enjoy a luxurious once in a lifetime stay.


Noosa Fairy Pools

Always in Queensland, inside Noosa wildlife protection national park, you can find the rocky tidal pools of Noosa.

These salty water pools are custom prepared by experts to help you live the best snorkelling experiences. You will be able to snorkel at the edge of the ocean in rocky crystal clear pools that include marine wildlife to add a lovely taste to the adventure. Bear in mind that this attraction might be crowded with people so you should prepare a visit in the early morning.



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