Where is the best snorkelling spot in Perth?

We surveyed 663 regular snorkelers from Perth to get their opinion on the best local snorkel spots! Big thanks to everyone from our customer base and the Perth snorkel Facebook group for partaking in the survey. 

Perth Best Snorkel Survey

Mettams Pool   33.67%

Mettmas pool came in with the strongest votes with 33.67% of people who partook in the survey believing this beach is the best in Perth for snorkelling! This isn't hard to see, the natural forming lagoon is a nursey for a large range of aquatic life as well as only being a stone throw away from most metro areas.


Coogee Martimetrail 27.48%

The martime trail had a 27.47% vote as the best snorkel beach in Perth, this came as no surprise with the underwater track taking you past a real-life shipwreck, underwater status and an artificial reef. This snorkel trail is one of a kind and a must-see if anyone interested in snorkelling this summer.


Rockingham 18.07%

Rockingham Beach was a strong third with 18.07% of people surveyed believing Rockingham has the best snorkel spot! it's not hard to see why, with over 40km of crystal waters to explore you are bound to stumble upon some awe-inspiring sea life.


Hillarys Marina  10.22%

The Marina is a solid spot for snorkelling activities, catch glimpse of different kinds of fish as they swim gently around the marinas foundations. A great place to relax with a coffee before hitting the water and exploring.


North Cott 2.60

North cott only had a 2.6% vote as the best snorkel spot in Perth, however, this doesn't mean North Cott beach doesn't have any surprises. Due to fishing bands in the area, you will see a large variety of fish and other sea life a mere meters of the shore! Cuttlefish are also very prominent in the area and look almost alien-like as they float through the ocean.


Other  7.96%

7.96% of the 663 individuals surveyed believed the best snorkel beach wasn't on our list? what could these mysterious spots be? If you have any ideas or want to share your own snorkel experience in Perth with Reef Mask please get in contact.



Author Bio:

John - Manager at Reef Mask 

Passionate about the ocean & its beauty, John has been a passionate Snorkeler for over 10 years. Educating people on snorkelling techniques and equipment.