Full Face Snorkel Cairns

Key takeaways:

  • Cairns is a tropical environment with amazing beaches
  • Full Face Snorkelling is very popular in Cairns
  • Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

Are you intrigued by the great north of Queensland? Some of the most amazing beaches and snorkelling spots can be found in Cairns. If you plan to go full-face snorkelling in Cairns we have everything you need to know covered.

About Cairns

Cairns is a city located in north Queensland. It has a tropical environment with a relatively small population of 150,000. This number continues to grow each year.

To many Cairns is known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Which is the world's largest reef system! Containing over 2000 individual reefs. Hundreds if not thousands of people visit Cairns for its amazing beaches and snorkelling. In fact, it has been voted many times as one of the best places in the world to experience marine life.

Best Beach For Snorkeling In Cairns

Beginners to snorkelling 

If you are a beginner or not a strong swimmer when snorkelling we recommend checking out Flynn reef and Norman reef.

Both have shallow pools of water, located around coral gardens and grass beds. The shallow nature of these reefs makes it a breeze to snorkel. There is no stress from deep seawater. Or concerns about sharks or strong swells.

Many species of fish and coral can be found at both these locations. And the shallow aspect makes both of them very accessible for people of all ages.

It's important to note that if you are a first-timer to snorkelling or don't feel confident in the water. It's a good idea to pack and wear a life jacket. Floating above the water is ideal when full-face snorkelling. Remember as well to not stand or touch any of the reefs in these locations.

Experienced Full Face Snorkeller 

If you are confident in the water, with many years of experience. You can try out these next two spots. Milan reef and Saxon reef have some of the best scuba and snorkelling experiences in Australia. Both contain massive drop-offs, 23 meters and 22 meters each! Within these drop-offs, you will find an abundance of sea life. This includes pink soft coral and large red sea whips.

Both these reefs are for experienced divers and snorkelers. Those who aren't confident in the water should stay away.

Scuba diving and free diving with a full-face snorkel mask are very different. Before you go to these spots ensure you are prepared and skilled enough to do so.

Reef Mask Full face snorkels

Going full-face snorkelling in Cairns is a great idea for all ages. Wearing a full-face snorkel mask can make that idea even better!

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We currently stock two main styles of masks.

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