Full face snorkel in Adelaide

Key takeaways:

  • Adelaide is the capital of SA
  • It has many popular beaches perfect for snorkelling

If you are interested in full-face snorkelling in Adelaide then you have come to the right place. The team at Reef Mask has complied with everything you need to know to do so.

About Adelaide

The capital of South Australia, Adelaide is the fifth biggest city in Australia.

It has been ranked one of the most liveable cities in the world many times. Becoming a popular tourist destination for international travellers and students. Adelaide offers a balance between country and city living. With a buzzing central business district and wide open spaced suburbs.

The economy in Adelaide is also strong, with the employment rate high and the cost of living low. Especially compared to other cities like Sydney.


Best Beach For Snorkeling In Adelaide

Ewens Ponds

If you want to catch a glimpse of some amazing fish you need to check out Ewnwes pond. It contains dozens of aquatic species that can be viewed from your full-face snorkel.

Among reedbeds are multiple ponds, all connected by shallow channels. The water is so clear you can see the vegetation and marine life with ease. This unique setting makes Ewen ponds an amazing spot for snorkelling.

The water can get cold in Adelaide, and that's no different at Ewnws ponds. It's common to get 10-degree water so we recommend going snorkelling in a wet suit.

In order to ensure the longevity of the area, the local council has created a permit system for snorkelers in the area.

Pooches of the sea, Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln is home to some of the cutest and most curious marine animals, the sea lion! So many are spotted living in this area it was famously called seal cove.

Sea Lions may sound scary but they are nothing like the lions on land. Adorable, sweet and friendly to humans. Sea Lions should be called Sea puppies!

You can easily interact and get up close to these animals. You will be amazed as they twist and swim through the water. Similar to dolphins, sea lions love to show off. Just make sure you have a full-face snorkel mask to ensure the best possible view.



Second Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula

Across the peninsula are some of the best views and snorkelling spots in Adelaide. This stretch of water provides great views across the whole strip of beach. For snorkelling, it is just as good but be warned that it's a spot for experienced snorkelers. As the waters can get a bit rough at times.

With multiple underwater features such as seagrass meadows, you are bound to come across some awesome sea life. Well worth the visit.

Reef Mask Full face snorkels

If you want to enjoy snorkelling in Adelaide do it the right way. A full-face snorkel mask can take the underwater experience to a whole new level.

Reef Mask has provided hundreds of full-face snorkels to residents of Adelaide. With two main models available on the market.

We also stock face snorkels in other major cities such as Sydney, Perth & Brisbane.



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