Full Face Snorkel In Broome

Key takeaways:

  • Broome is located in Western Australia's top north
  • It's a small city but busy due to tourism
  • It contains some of the best beaches in the world
  • Snorkelling is ideal from May to September (dry season)
  • Sharks, Crocodiles and Bluebox Jellyfish are around during the wet season

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About Broome

Broome is a small city known for its beaches located in WA, Kimberley area. It is located along the Indian Ocean, with stretching beaches as long as twenty-two kilometres!

Known as a tourist town, Broome has many activities and past times for all ages. These include camel rides, Chinatown, pearl farms, cable beach, snorkelling, fishing, dinosaur footprints, stairway to the moon and the Broome cup.

Best Beach For Snorkeling In Broome

Cable Beach

Broome's most famous beach. Cable beach is 22km of white sand, stretching as far as the eye can see. This amazing scene brings thousands of people to the beach each year. 
Multiple activities take place here. These include camel rides! Snorkelling is also a very popular pastime at this beach. With many species of fish being found in its waters, It's important to note that at certain times of the year sharks, crocodiles and jellyfish are present. Make sure you speak with someone before jumping in the water. Tourist season is from May to September. This is when it's most safe to go snorkelling at cable beachToilets and changing facilities can also be found, making it easy to change in and out of a wetsuit.

Town Beach

Not far from Broome is the breathtaking Town beach. This beach is extremely accessible if you are staying in Broome. It has family-friendly waters, that to the calmness and cute pink sands. Wait till high tide to go snorkelling to get the best chance to see aquatic life.

Multiple species of fish call Town Beach home. By using a full-face snorkel you can experience this with no hassles or worries. A great location for beginner snorkelers or those who aren't confident swimmers.

During low tides, this location isn't ideal for snorkelling. However, it does open the opportunity to walk across and see old world war II Catalina flying boats! This is a truly cool experience and can make up for the fact you can go snorkelling.

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